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by katyymorgann

Laying on the couch side by side, no music or t.v., just laughter.

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Being Held by tinylissa

When he & I are lying down together & he holds me close to him. Sometimes I can feel him breathing lightly on my neck. If he feels me going too far, he pulls me closer. Moments like that are my favorite.

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Nosegoes by tenohseventen

My relationship with my girlfriend is a secret from our parents, so instead of saying “I love you” when we talk on the phone in front of them, we say “nosegoes”. When we were first getting to know each other, we found out that we are both very indecisive, and whoever said “nosegoes!” first wouldn’t have to make that certain decision. Since we said it so often, we decided it to be our secret code word. Eventually it developed into a gesture, where if we are far apart from each other and we looked at one another, we touch our nose as an “I love you” sign. It’s comforting to know that we can still express how we feel even without words :)

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When my heart was stomped on, because the boy I was dating got ‘bored’ with me, my best friend, and the man of my dreams sat me down and listened to my cry to him on the phone:

"He was bored with me."

Talk about a direct stab into your personality, your heart. I remember there was this heavy silence, because I know he didn’t know what to say.

But I remember when I cried out, "Am I’m just a boring little shit? Seriously."

Although extremely vulgar, and grammatically incorrect, the words that came out of his mouth reassure me to this day;

"You are the most UNBORING piece of shit I’ve ever met."

Sent in anonymously.

I was a really happy girl who actually didn’t even look into having a relationship. He was a new guy at school and oh my,all the girls were literally going crazy about him. And I used to be like “eww he’s such a weirdo!" And that was the time I accidentally blurted it out in front of him and his reaction was "wow I like that chick"

So it was really creepy first because he used to keep facebook messaging me and texting me and honestly I used to only reply with a word. And this continued for so long until one day I guess he gave up. I suddenly missed that guy trying to talk to me.

So thankfully he started with the text and I gave a good reply so uhm he said that he would give $100000000000000000000000000000 for our friendship. And I was like woah. Hehe so I started being nice and that time we spoke For 18 hours STRAIGHT. And he was so funny and I’m a sap for funny guys.

And he became my best friend.

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miladelmar: Hey! :] i love this blog. i was wondering if you could check mine out, and follow if you like it? <3 thank you

thank you, but i’m sorry, i can’t do any following from this blog.

I met my boyfriend in April 2010, almost the end of my freshman year. He was a junior. We met through my best friend, they grew up together. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. All summer we saw each other everyday & it was the best summer of my life; just like a movie.

Its almost April again so it’s going to officially be 1 year since I met the person I want to spent the rest of my life with. I’m kind of scared because he’ll be graduating and he’ll go to college far away. And I know it’s gonna hurt like hell not seeing him everyday after school, not going to his house to play with his baby brother and gossip with his mom, not having someone to randomly come to my house without me knowing, pick me up & take me somewhere unexpected. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt too much.

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I’m not sure what love really is, but I cry when you have to go, I cried when you first told me you love me, and I get close to tears whenever I even think of you having to go. If I had it my way, we would talk all day every day, never say goodbye, and never have to do anything but love each other.

I’ve never felt like this before, and its kind of terrifying, and if I could I would just lock you to me with a pair of handcuffs so you could never, ever leave me. But even if I could do it, I wouldn’t, because then I’m scared you would resent me for it.

I want to hold on to you and keep you close, but I know you have things to do, so instead of letting you see how much it hurts to say bye, even just for now, I put on a brave face and let you go. That way I know you’ll come back.

Its like they say, when you love someone, sometimes you gotta let it go. If you keep it too close then they’ll resent you. I don’t want that, so I guess I’m going to have to follow that advice and let you leave for a little while.

So, though I don’t really know what love is, I do know its different for everyone. And I’m pretty sure that this is it for me - no one else can make me feel like you do, and lord knows I’ve tried to love them back. But the only one I can think of is you. I live you, I breathe you, I feel like a better person when I’m with you.

I never want you to leave, and I wish you lived near by so I could just walk next door and walk in to see you smiling at me, waiting for me to sit beside you and cuddle into your arms.

I want to stay the night, never falling asleep until we’re to tired to move, to tired to say anything except for ‘I love you’.

I want to go to the movies and kiss through the whole thing, I want to play footsie under the table at a restaurant, I want to hold hands as we walk through the mall, I want everything about you.

I want to sit by you on a bench and watch the sun set. I want to be with you forever and ever, I want to never let you go. I would fight for you, lay down and die for you if it came down to it.

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hehehehe this was my prom night when i took him i knew he was special but it took time to realize i love him and i love that he loves me were peanut butter and jelly

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